Protect your company’s assets and tools with our UTE tool boxes!

Ute Tool Boxes

There’s no doubt in saying that the best equipped companies are even the best performing ones. Superior results are produced by superior resources and this new tools need to be protected. UTE tool boxes are beneficial in many ways. Tools lying around are vulnerable in many ways, it can be stolen or lost or there are many more unfortunate things that can happen with your tools. With UTE boxes, your all the tools are in the safe and secure place and are easily accessible. The UTE tool boxes, also increases the efficiency of your workers, as the UTE protects the tools from wear and tear and your workers don’t have to spend time looking around for them.

Aussie Tool Boxes is the family owned business established in 2004 supplies high quality UTE tool boxes to various tradesmen in Mornington Peninsula area and Melbourne South Eastern suburbs. With years of industry experience, we’re proud to say that we’ve a clientele from overall Melbourne, interstate and regional areas. We have successfully expanded our product range that now includes canopies and lift off tray.

Our wide range of UTE tool boxes includes Sloped Rectangle Tool Box, Shaped Lid Tool Box, Upright Lift-up Front Tool Box, Upright Full Front Fixed Bottom, Upright Split Front Tool Box, Upright Tool Box, Gullwing Tray Tool Box, Under-tray Tool Box and Under-tray Tool Box.

Our UTE tool boxes are high quality aluminum tool boxes that perfectly fit your industry’s requirement. We are proud to say that we can build UTE tool boxes that are up to 2400mm long. We understand that every industry differs from the other, thus we provide custom build shelving and adjustable shelving that adjust your needs. We can also fabricate aluminum tool boxes to your design.

You can connect with us for the pricing of our standard range or can order custom made UTE Tool boxes as per your needs and requirements. Feel free to call us at 03 9775 0015.